Lulu’s library recommendation

Baby really enjoyed reading this…

Cinder Edna is different than Cinderella. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself by sitting in cinders, she doesn’t wait for a fairy godmother to think for her, instead if a pumpkin chariot, she takes the bus. It’s a great read to encourage self-starting and taking initiative, but doesn’t have the feminists men-bashing agenda. We give it 5 stars.


Week 5

Baby is teething. We had quite an active night last night…poor thing. She’s not her chipper self…


….but she did manage to wear leg warmers to cheer up❤️

Also, we went to our favorite spot today and spotted this painted on a parking garage door…


It was like finding a magical little corner in a big city. I’ll have to take you there! Big bonus, we found a spot with the best hot cocoa…



And finally, quite I just came across…


Week 4 2014

This week, something great came in the mail.


My super innovative nephew started a company called Days of Noah. He is quite remarkable. He makes para cord bracelets, belts…even teethers out of USA created paracord. He has a catchy motto, too…”be prepared because you never know…”

And it’s true: I used his bracelet as a teether when Baby was dedicated and she wanted something to chew on!

He creates all sorts of styles with endless colors (I have a black and pink cobra!) Support a homeschooling student!